Trailer 2016

After its release on Starcon convention, our brand new trailer boldly goes in to the internet subspace.
Compared to the teaser released in 2015, the trailer features renders from 3D models prepared specially for the fanfilm. Prothetics are made by Made in Titan studio and music for trailer was composed by Rybinin. Big thanks go to all who made it possible to finish the trailer before the convention and to all who have been participating in the adventure. We hope you enjoy the trailer!

Staring in the trailer (in chronological order, in group scenes from left to right ;-)
Xyll, Ziina, Verča, Lyta, Mvek, Věrka, Annie, Monty, Flash, PraotecTrekkie, Tar-ara, Margh, Iconer, Peter, Zephram, Rasťa, Eliška


Making of - Part III - Postproduction of a LCARS panel

Brief video which shows that even such a simple shot, as is pushing buttons on a control panel, must go through a post-production process. There are several steps involved: starting with the input of the actual video shot on a green wooden panel and a 3D model of the panel, with two tailor-made textures. The result is a brief shot, which when properly done will not attract any attention and will look completely natural.


Making Of - Part II - Masks

Here comes the second episode from our documentary series about shooting, this time about Denobulan and Bolian masks. The masks were created and applied by Margh ( and make-up was done by Ziina. You can judge their skills (and also patience of the actors) here:


Making Of - Part I - Building the Scene

It has been two years since we started the first shooting day of Star Trek: Secret Games. For this anniversary, we prepared a short documentary video about the first weekend of shooting in March 2013. This will be followed by series of documentary videos, so stay tuned.


Teaser Star Trek: Secret Games


Interview about Star Trek

One of the major TV networks in Czech Republic broadcasted a nice spot about Star Trek and its fans, called "Into the Unknown". It shows ideas and ideals of Star Trek in historical context. In the section about fans of Star Trek, our fan film gets mentioned. This video is in Czech language.



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