First Shooting

IMG 2215The very first shooting session indoor was held on March 9-10. On Saturday morning we were preparing masks, make-up, dolly and green screen. Around midday we headed to the shooting room and set the lights up.

Unfortunately we had problems with lack of light. High ceilings are awesome but do not reflect enough light back.

During the weekend we managed to shoot the majority of scenes Annie planned to have shot. Some actors not only played their roles but also took on roles they did not expect - Tar-ara was clapping the clapperboard and Zephram was writing down the camera parameters.

We went home exhausted with 91 GB of footage and with many experiences from the shooting session. 

Preparation of the shoot:

Zehleni greenscreenu

Příprava na natáčeníPříprava kamerové dolly Příprava na natáčení - make-up stůl

V kajutě pro hosty

Natáčení 10.3.2013 Kapitán a první důstojníkSobotní natáčení Natáčení 9.3.2013

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