Secret Games

About the Movie

The first take dates back to March 2013. Before the first shooting took place, we had to prepare a script, the recording gear, create the masks and tailor the costumes. The shooting itself spanned over several weekends and the last shots were taken by the end of 2014. Then came the challenging postproduction. Since parts of the story take place on a starship, inside a shuttle or on a space station, we had to create many 3D models of both interiors and exteriors. The characters who were walking in front of a greenscreen on the shooting where then digitally placed on the bridge of a starship, into crew quarters or a shuttle. The second part of the story takes place on a planet surface and is shot in exterior.

The fanfilm Star Trek: Secret Games premiered in the Ponrepo cinema in Prague on May 31, 2019.

The Story

Just a few months passed since the incident on the planet Metren and we’re still in 2372. The Federation is at war with the Klingons and is looking for new allies. While the captain leaves for a well-deserved vacation, the crew of the USS Avatar helps prepare a conference attended by many, including the inscrutable Romulans.


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