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Bolians are native to the planet Bolarus IX. They are known for blue skin and for a small bifurcating ridge running vertically along the center of the head and face, and partway down the chest. Bolian males are completely bald, while some Bolian females have hair.


Bolian - žena; Star Trek: The Next GenerationBolian - muž; Star Trek: VoyagerBolian - muž; Star Trek: Skryté hry

(Bolians: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Secret Games)

The Ridge

The first step is to create a model from clay and then create a form cast from Lukopren. In the second phase the form is filled with latex. When the latex solidifies it creates a flexible stripe, which is then applied to the head of the actor.

Forma na vytvoření bolianského hřebínkuOdlitý latexový výrůstekDetail na konečný výstupek

Application of the Mask

As Bolian males have no hair, the actor is asked to shave his head. Consequently, it is not necessary to work with fake bald head.

Herec připraven, netuší, co ho čeká

Application of the latex ridge starts from the nose, over the head down to the back of the neck. Prosthetics were created on a flat surface, not on a model of a head, and this makes application more difficult. It is necessary to be careful, so that the ridge is not getting warped or deformed.

Fáze 1 - nalepení výrůstku  Fáze 1 - zamatlání výrůstku




The edges are smoothed out by latex and after drying the painting starts. Sponge is used for bigger surface and details around eyes and ears are done with tiny brush.

Jak se natírá Bolian

Detaily dokreslit štětečkemHlavně nezamazat uniformu





During the first phase of painting the actor is without uniform - the neck and back of the neck are not painted. In the second phase he puts on his uniform and the paint is put on all visible parts of his head. The third phase are the details and inperfections. The last are his hands.

Ladění odstínu

Tak a teď už na nic nesahej ...

Meet our Bolian.

Konečně dokončený Bolian

The mask needs some corrections during shooting.

Osvěžení make-upu během natáčení

How many officers does it take to keep the uniform clean?

Svlékání Boliana - fáze 1 - pytel na hlavu

Kolik vyšších důstojníků je potřeba na svlečení Boliana?

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