Fourth Shooting

RomulanéOn a hot weekend of 22-23 June we have our sixth filming in the premises of Devoteam Company. We are able to film most of the planned scenes despite high temperatures and absence of the film director. We shoot our first fight sceen, which we manage thanks to help of two martial art experts. Ladies show the actors how to boldly face enemies in front of greenscreen and how to make it look great at the same time.

The fighting is happening not only in front of the two HD cameras, but also behind the scenes. Karel is applying prosthetics and ovarseeing everything from the correct shape of pointy ears, to how deep the scars should be. 

Our 3D magician Samuel continues to work on CG models so that our characters do not have to walk across the universe on foot and live in vacuum.

We manage to make great progress in the shooting and we are getting ready for the next challenge: shooting in exteriors. Keep the hailing frequencies opened :-)


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