Interview with Grand Nagus

Lulu a Paľo DAX

There has been some time since the success of our project on the server “Startovač.cz“ (Kickstarter). But who are The Ones who gave their support to our project there? Who is a mysterious Grand Nagus?
Now he is exactly whom we invited for and interview. Grand Nagus isn't actually one person but a couple of great fans from Slovakia – Lulu a Paľo DAX.

SamuelCan you introduce yourself in short?

Lulu: I am complicated, feminine, with art whims, a perfectionalist, a little bit silly, a little bit daring and a little bit sophisticated. Humour and skill of communication are priorities in my life. We have 4 awesome daughters who slowly learn to also know Star Trek ;-)

Paľo: My name is Pal’o and I like Star Trek :) (Was this short enough?)


SamuelYou wrote to me that your wife had contributed...

Lulu: It might be good to put this right – we both contributed, my husband felt that Lulu Dax sounded more smarter and entertaining, possibly he didn´t want to uncover himself at once.. :-)

Paľo: Well, we are in it together...


Samuel: How long have you been Star Trek fans?

Lulu: How long? Since I have known this hubby of mine. He showed me, introduced me and that was that. So about 12 years?

Paľo: Since the beginning of the days. Since when I was about 4 years old and watched TOS on ORF 1. The true love came with watching TNG and DS9. Watching ENT was the top!


SamuelWhat are you interested in Star Trek  the most?

Lulu: For me personally it is about an idea, philosophy, where the world is heading. And then also about various scientific theories which fascinate me and I try to understand them from non-scifi sources too.

Paľo: Entirely everything: relations, technology, moral values, a never-ending fight between the "Good and the Evil".


Samuel: Where have you learnt about our planned fanfilm from?

Lulu: From my husband :-)

Paľo: Utterly by chance. After ¾ of a year I opened and that was that...


SamuelWhat about your decision concerning the fanfilm – if to sponsor it and how much? Was is just spontaneous or did you think it over a long time?

Lulu: Hmmm...possibly spontaneous at first but this is a question more for my husband. He confided in me at the moment he himself had decided but he still wanted to leave 50% of vote to me. I had been thinking for some time but in fact it was all only about the sum of money and there were worries if that was reasonable, I had my heart in my mouth :-)))

Paľo: It was necessary to defend an instinctive decision also intellectually. Then everything was recounted once more and carried out.


Samuel: What was so interesting about the project that you decided to support it with such a sum?

Lulu: Our terribly secret plans :D So far these are in a stage of a dream – that maybe once... These are closely connected with Star Trek – and it encourages us to make ourselves a bit visible when mentioning Star Trek. That we are here and we would like to be here in the future – and even more visible.

Paľo: Someone only dreams all life. You decided to do something. And that is worth supporting. You live your dream, somehow like I did a couple of years ago at the airport Pilsen Líně. That´s why you have my admiration and support.


SamuelWhat do you expect from the fanfilm the most?

Lulu: A pleasant entertainment, interesting ideas and that logo in the subtitles :-)))))

Paľo: That it will be the first Czechoslovak Star Trek film showed at the cinemas and coming out on DVD/Blue-Ray. That we will earn millions and will buy the complete Star Trek franchise. I am sorry, I overindulged in my fantasies...

Frankly? I don´t expect anything. There are no conditions or expectations. I keep all my fingers crossed for you and no matter how it ends, I believe that the way towards the film by itself was meaningful. That you had heaps of fun (and problems) during the preparations and filming in exteriors.

However I believe that the film will be more successful than we expected and that soon there will be enough money for building a stage. 


SamuelWill you come to see the premiere? You are invited, of course :-)

Lulu: Thank you :-) We will do our best, I wouldn´t like to miss something like that. This will depend probably on our children, if they are ready to travel.

Paľo: I will do everything for us to be there. And can we take all our children with us? And will there be a red carpet too? :-)))


SamuelHave you seen our first fanfilm The Metren Incident?

Lulu: I confess sincerelly – no. Until my husband uncovered his plans, I had no idea there were any fanfilms, I had to get into it.

Paľo: Not yet. The right time hasn´t come yet. Also the document The Captains had been waiting several months until we found the right time for it.


SamuelThe reward was called “Grand Nagus“, what is your relationship to the Ferengi?

Lulu: Ever-changing :-)  In the last years we have tried to understand how businessmen think and to sort out our lives a bit, now we discover lots of things and even though the Ferengi themselves are not the lot one would fall in love with, there is still enough one can learn from them.

Paľo: Grand Nagus “killed“ (meaning only in a positive way, of course). You can´t survive in our world without the rules of profit. Only it is necessary to choose those less harmful.


Samuel: What are your hobbies besides Star Trek?

Lulu: Colours, baking sweets, dance, the Universe and quantum physics.

Paľo: Star Trek :-) Quake and lots and lots of others...

At the end I would like to thank all those who donated to the Project because without their support,  the Kickstarter Project (Startovač.cz) wouldn´t be successful.


Samuel: Thank you for the interview and for the support of our project.


Translated to English by Věrka

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