Greenscreen Test

Stavba greenscreenuToday the very first green screen test took place. We also tested Andorian mask, our camera and camera crane. Green screen was pretty green and Iconer - taking on the role of an Andorian - was pretty blue. Everyone was dazzled by Andorian mask (made by Margh) and camera crane (made by Flash).

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Vulcan Haircut

Vulkánský sestřihNew vulcan haircut for Sintel Tirin is now ready! Many thanks to Lukáš Ksandr for his willingness to help and great ideas. :-)

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While sipping Masala and other exotic teas at Čajovně Peklo, Nebe, Ráj the first screen play rehearsal took place.


After long consideration a fabric greenscreen was bought with siye 3 x 6 m. It arrived two days after ordering and is beautifully green!


The last day of the year is here, and it is time to upload the screenplay to Google Drive and share it with all the actors.

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